The Chronicles of Corbellini Creative

How did our boutique creative agency come to be? Funnily enough, I got on this path at age three. Allow me to explain.

My mother, a university professor, often took me with her to work. To entertain me while she was busy teaching, she’d put me in the media library and pop in a tape for me to watch. And not your typical kids fare, but masterpieces like Open City, Cinema Paradiso, Carmen, and I Soliti Ignoti. No disrespect to Aladdin or Home Alone (both of which I love), but I’m eternally grateful I was raised on classic, universal stories of pain, love, and truth-seeking. (Grazie, Mamma.)

Fast forward to post-college. I ended up working in the press office of the Sundance Film Festival, a mind-blowing experience that awakened me to the power of independent film. Soon after, I began studying and working with renowned directing and acting guru Joan Scheckel (Little Miss Sunshine, Snow White and the Huntsman). Thanks to her, I had the awesome opportunity to see intimately how great films and TV shows were being created, including Transparent, Beginners, I Love Dick, and many more. Joan’s focus is on finding the heart and soul of your story, and ensuring every frame oozes that emotion, that purpose, that journey… from the writing, to the cinematography and, of course, the acting! She calls this approach to storytelling, “The Technique,” and it has hugely informed the video and design work I do today.

Once I was in a rehearsal Joan was leading with director Sacha Gervasi. I sat on the concrete floor of our Hollywood office and watched Joan, Sacha, Dame Helen Mirren, and Sir Anthony Hopkins bring a story to life. It was electrifying. That’s when I decided I wanted to be a content creator. And thankfully, besides being an inspiring example, Joan was also a brilliant mentor. She helped me finetune my craft as an actor, and, more importantly, taught me that my voice as a content creator was equally powerful, beautiful, and vulnerable. Joan was the first person who told me I should direct, and her encouragement and guidance provided the push I needed to become a director and content creator.

And so, in 2012, I joined forces with Amber Ruffin (Late Night with Seth Meyers, Drunk History) and Jessica Lowe (Wrecked, Blended) and created RobotDown, a digital sketch show. The YouTube revolution had just started, and we wanted to make our mark. With a total budget of $300 and a few supportive friends, we set about bringing season one to life. Our colleague Cameron Shaw shot it, Amber and Jessica co-wrote, I directed and edited, and we all produced and acted. We filmed in friends’ houses, parks, warehouses—anywhere that was free. It was a great exercise in using creativity and determination to overcome limited resources. After RobotDown, I was ready to build a career out of creating impactful work for the digital realm.


(By default) a gorgeous, sunny day in Southern California in 2018. Corbellini Creative has produced 42 videos and 11 websites. We’ve gotten 12 million views, 1.5 billion impressions, and a few awards along the way. Passion, hard work, and a lot of luck got me here. I feel so fortunate to do what I love for a living, and help clients realize their dreams through the digital content we create together.